10 simple ways to make spontaneous bowel movement every morning and light body

Many women still face problems with constipation excretion excrete heavy elements morning, resulting in many of us. It also indicates that we are healthy. Made up of open space If not excrete Waste would be stored in the body. Today, I have come to give you many women slip. Spontaneous bowel movement every morning, see.

Drink 8 glasses of water a day

Water is the most important part of every system in the body. As many nutrients As their metabolism and digestive system most girls do not think that would be replaced by tea, coffee, soft drinks, because it is not pure water. Drinking plain water should be at room temperature or warm water helps as well.

Yogurt helps to excrete

Yogurt is a natural flavor to help. Because microbes are beneficial to intestinal and body, but not my recipe out of the guys do not hurry of this takes time. Eating yogurt every morning. With the help of a detox.

Fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins.

Eating fruits and vegetables in small amounts too can make your stools hard and then accelerate hard. Or anyone with constipation I guess you are someone who likes to eat fried meat, but it’s very few fruits and vegetables. This behavior is not good for the digestive system of the body naturally. So should turn to vegetables half. The other half, helps your digestive system work better.


Eat brown rice instead of white rice

Brown rice, not through attrition. It is full of nutrients and benefits. In addition to vitamins and minerals in abundance. Brown rice is high in fiber helps bowel movement. Colon Cancer Prevention the girls are on a diet, brown rice, black rice, black onyx help you get it.

Dietary fiber

Eating foods with fiber, or high in fiber helps in the excretion. Make your to excrete comfort Taking stool softening liquidity is not painful, easy to transport waste. Reduce the risk of disease Bridget’s. And with bowel cancer Just have a drink or food with lots of fiber, too. Try to eat assembled.

Sleep is the time

Adequate sleep Assist in the process The body to be effective. If you stay up late or sleep for the body to go haywire. I drank a glass of water before bed. I had another glass Suitably natural beauty


Recipes for detox

Detox is a cleansing of the body. Some residue of the drug from the gastrointestinal bad food. We had to wash and clean. Try different formula For us The excellent raw materials such as grain seeds, honey, yogurt, lemon curd, orange, plum, try to mix smoothies are blended together to eat it. Do you like the recipe to try at all.


Say goodbye laxative and purgative.

For those who are addicted to laxatives Our intestines do not work normally do. This will make your digestive system worse. Therefore, avoidance and attempt to purge themselves to be the best.


Do not hesitate to exercise

It stimulates the digestive system better. Also helps your metabolism as well. Those who exercise regularly digestive system of a person. It is better that people do not exercise because your body is moving, active stretching and shrinking themselves. This allows the body to stimulate the body systems work effectively.

            Takes all morning to excrete.

It is time to wake up to the toilet. Whether you are a busy time. Not to work on weekends. What am I going to sleep all day. You should get up in the morning, a habit excreta. Will not let them ride it out. It is built into a single force themselves into force, it must come out by itself. Make it a habit

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