How to choose the right meat.

Buying a good pig Choose fresh the meat is light pink the meat is not too tight or solid. If you come across a bright red meat. Show that pork is bright red, it may be treated as a catalyst. The body color is dark green. Or look bruised flesh this means that the meat is spoiled. If space is pale or as frozen. That is the old pig then use your fingers to press flexible. No dent shall be considered.


How to choose the pork loin



If you like this meat is lean meat is a little soft in the middle. Good steak menu Smoked or fried is delicious as well.


How to choose hip pork




A little lean meat, the meat will be quite tight. A medium soft, the Pig Hip cooking such as curry, fried, boiled, fried pork balls can bounce.


How to choose the pork belly meat



The meat is lean belly. And switch to meat it is best to do the boiled, fried, boiled recommend you take the floor to make stewed. Three layers of decomposed flesh to eat with steamed rice is great to see.


How to choose the pork tenderloin



Red meat is not lean, the area is soft I also cook a lot like many other sites, this grill is cool. The meat is soft tongue ever.

How to choose Pork neck


Space is soft and it is inserted. Recitative tender pork fat will help you look more palatable. For example, the cooking grill is a good place to grill meat and do the best.


How to choose a pork chop



You can use any type of meat. Depending on the preference or would like to do if I want to scrimp Pork chops should use pig hip. If the filling noodles, pork buns choose lean on.

How to keep the pork

Pork rinse thoroughly. Then wipe dry then store in a plastic box and kept in the freezer portion of the refrigerator.

Keep the meat in the freezer. Cut pork crosswise into slices or long, then stored in plastic bags in the freezer.


The benefits of pork

– Pork can help in the treatment of diabetes.

– Pork also helps maintain the body’s inflammatory pain.

-Good eyesight it can be seen clearly at night.

-Cure beriberi

-Help cure deafness in old people.

-Keeps the skin moist

The quality of food has pork protein Carr hydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals and so on.

Conclusion is that pork can do many useful and very nutritious. Cooking can be many things delicious.



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