“Liver” detoxifies organs

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Our body organs, including the liver, heart, stomach, spleen, lung and kidney function is most important so to life. The work of our people when there is a lot of work fatigue. Deterioration with time followed.


This lifestyle, however right or wrong. As a catalyst for the decline sooner or later. This is reflected not know. the strength or weakness and premature or not. That’s why we have to realize that. If you want a strong decline slowly to slow longevity. Of these organs must be good.


Today, talking about organs, the liver, the liver is the organ that is the largest factory detoxify the body. Is an organ that helps metabolize proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins. Is the organ that produces bile to digest fat. The liver is an organ in the digestive system, one that is very important, hence, whether it’s good or bad to eat. To be included in the sub-section of the liver detoxify them. Each day the liver has to work harder The decline has come as soon as the condition of the individual.


The greatest fear is that alcohol alcoholic livers detoxify the liver. Hepatocytes serious harm to people drinking on the liver, it is easy. Smoking too much fried food, meat, too. The liver is a part of the subsystem. It’s a lot of eating fried liver bile to help digest fats. The same tired or eat much meat Eat more fruits and vegetables. The liver has to work hard to sort out the good stuff to the body. Destroy toxic Liver cells have to work harder As a catalyst for weak liver function deteriorates early enough age, diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure, cancer or other reason, such as if there is anything we can help ease the burden on the liver to detoxify it. The liver will have to work lighter, which means better care.


When eating meat and eat more fruits and vegetables. The body excrete toxins, constipation, difficulty enough leeway in the colon is to absorb attacks liver cells. Alluding to the liver Wear faster, it should be taken daily. For the balance of the old model was new.


It also stresses the liver, because the liver is the organ that controls the pressure and the movement of the pointer. If Ricci liquidity drained well The liver is working well But if there is pressure, stress, liver qi flow to the liver meridian went smoothly. Be angry, irritable mood, irritability, insomnia, a lot of wind in an unknown place. Not suitable for work and leisure No self-sufficiency There is no generosity to his peers. The return itself. The last serious liver disease or liver deteriorates quickly.


Liver afraid to sleep At night we sleep If the reason is that the clock is set at the 5 pm to 1 am at the point where the gallbladder meridian much time to hit the first strike three for the liver. Ricci is the time of the blood in the liver meridian most. Ancient Chinese saying “The rest Total blood to the liver, “which means. If we sleep Blood flow to the liver, liver regeneration and repair nourish the liver, the liver slowly deteriorates the strength to stay up late liver blood throughout the body. If the sight of blood, the brain is the brain. The very sight Including less blood to the liver, liver not relax. Liver fatigue Not been restored If the disease is not heavy It will soon deteriorate quickly atrophy

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